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Order of Service Sunday, March 3, 2024 - 3rd sunday in Lent

Sunday Worship Service

March 3, 2024

3rd Sunday in lent

Order of Worship


Bell choir

*Call to Worship

*Sing “God of Grace and God of Glory" #577 (Hymnal)

*Prayer of Invocation

Welcome & Announcements

Bell choir

*Sing “God of wonders" #3034 (Green book)

Choir/Offering "Lead me, precious lord"

*Response “Doxology” #95 (Hymnal)

Children’s Message

prayers of the People – Joys & Concerns

L: Lord in your Mercy, P: Hear our prayer   

The Lord’s Prayer

Scripture Reading Mark 8:31-38

Message “what matters most” pastor david clark


Special music Pk-6 sunday school students

*sing "how great thou art" #77 (Hymnal)


*Recessional “Go now in peace”  #665 (hymnal)

***PK-6 Sunday School today after the children’s message. Parents, you can pick up your child after service downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

Praise Team: Terry Stafford (piano), Linda Haldane (keyboards), Margaret Brady (cello), Drew morelock (Bass Guitar), Deb Finlay, Jeff Hiser, pastor David (vocals) Facebook Sunday Host: Craig Harris Facebook Contributors: Pastor David, Barb Cunningham, Jeff Hiser, Craig Harris

Media & Website Director: Jeff Hiser Media Booth for Sunday Worship: Alan Hutchison, Jeff Hiser

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